Leona cover

Leona Marchand is an accomplished community spectacle artist who has been performing on the streets and city green spaces for the past 15 years. She attended the San Francisco School of Circus Arts, and went on to intern with the Wise Fool Puppetry Troupe, studying partner acrobatics, stilt walking, fire spinning, juggling and general Street Processional Theatre.  She can be seen playing in a full wacky costumed character at many events, including the International Children’s Festival, Burning Man, Maple Sugar Festival, and traveling shows with New Old Time Chautauqua, and Lasquirkus. She enjoys teaching both children and adults the importance of play and creative expression.

4 legged shine

Mardi Gras!



Shine, the giant puppet

One Classy Worm

One Classy Worm

Leona 2

On tour with New Old Time Chautauqua in Alaska.


Gaia, a collaborative project, at a rally


Gaia in giant puppet form at a rally

Giant puppet workshop

Teaching how to build giant puppets


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