The Man Goes Vertical

After a stupendous burst of productive energy from team-giant-puppet, Leah, Leona, and an extensive group of friends in the community who have lent hands, tools, technology, and much support, this 12-foot-high bobble head is standing on his/our own two feet. A special thanks to Nathan, who has cleverly engineered Olio’s eyebrows to gesture on the press of a button, and Myriam, who will be shouldering the man and weaving sweet musical landscape around him.

Whats next? A bow tie? A vest? Legs? Feet? Playing with crowds?




2 thoughts on “The Man Goes Vertical

  1. Sharon McGeorge says:

    Wowza That is the most awesome puppet ever! Great Job Leah and Leona

  2. bailey says:

    Way to go! Yay Olio 🙂

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