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On April 6th, Olio made his first full bodied outing into the world, amidst a crowd of jesters, accordion players, jugglers, celebrity waiters, and flappers at an annual fundraising event for Citizens Counselling, Tip-a-Fool. Citizens Counselling is a non-profit which offers affordable counselling to members of the Victoria community through a process of matching trained volunteers and people in need of an ear: aka. citizens counselling citizens.

Dancing tango to live accordion as celebrity waiters gathered donations from guests, Olio’s first night out was a rather surreal affair. The fellow even had the opportunity to blow bubbles with fellow volunteer, Victoria NDP MP Murray Rankin. 

If you would like more info on Citizens Counselling or Tip-a-Fool, check it out here:



Olio has made his first nightime debut, on March 31st, gracing the Saanich fairgrounds for local Burningman shindig Kasbah!, a camel safari themed night of lights, dance, and debauchery.

kasbaholioIt was a mad race to the finish, but Olio held his kasbah3own, all gussied up for the event with led lit eyes, hat, and glasses. His movable eyebrows were an expressionate motorized hit with late night passer-byes, who played with the old fellows face to their delight.

We welcome Nathan Sorochan on board the puppet team with his new media technology and positive helpful attitude.

Leah and Leona also left the event, happy if exhausted, earning a bit of cash-ola through a participant art grant voting process.

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The Man Goes Vertical

After a stupendous burst of productive energy from team-giant-puppet, Leah, Leona, and an extensive group of friends in the community who have lent hands, tools, technology, and much support, this 12-foot-high bobble head is standing on his/our own two feet. A special thanks to Nathan, who has cleverly engineered Olio’s eyebrows to gesture on the press of a button, and Myriam, who will be shouldering the man and weaving sweet musical landscape around him.

Whats next? A bow tie? A vest? Legs? Feet? Playing with crowds?