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Olio is taking shape, colour and form.

A man is born, or at least there are birthing pains.

Leah paints steadily away at his ginormous head, as Leona’s mad scientist brain begins the process of engineering a kinetic body. With a waist at our shoulders, a head on a spring, articulate arms, fingers that pinch and squeeze, a hat that removes, and eyes that light up, our blue skinned fellow is enlivened out of our imagination.

We hope you are as excited as we are…




Spectacles, testicles, wallet, and watch…

As Leona left for a few days of R&R, Leah hobitted away in their studio, getting Olio all gussied up. One bowler hat and a pair of lopsided spectacles later, Olio is looking as befuddled as charming, worriedly (as per usual) awaiting Leona’s return.

olio head

Five or Six Layers Deep

Although Leona has been making giant puppets for more than ten years now, many planned parts of Olio will be firsts for both Leona and Leah. In the past Leona enjoyed the fact that paper mache could be as strong as wood and found that 15 layers of alternated newspaper and brown paper bags made a very strong puppet… strong and¬†unfortunately heavy. Thus with Olio we are experimenting with only five or six layers of paper mache to accommodate for the heavier elements that will be added to the puppet later on… again in the spirit of experimentation.

Olio without his hat

Olio without his hat

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Fleshing Out, Shaping Up.

Olio now has at least 3 layers of laminated newspaper covering his wire and cardboard frame. Plus Leah is adding smooth circle shapes to his profile. I love the overall moon shape of his face, paired with his chiseled jaw and cleft chin. It is hard to see just how shapely he really is at this stage as the news print plays tricks with your eyes. The half circle exercise ball shape will be Olio’s hat which will be able to come on and off, to reveal his topless head.