Monthly Archives: February 2013

Creative Craniums


Stage one of construction has begun: we are giving Olio, our most persnickety of friends, his head! One part improv and one part guided my masters of giant puppets, the “Wise Fool Puppetry” bible, dextrous hands are crafting and oblong Olio out of cardboard, foam, chicken wire, staples, hot glue, and all sorts of odds and sods from the recycling bin. Add a layer of paper mache and, voila!, a man is born. 

Interestingly, yesterday a friend pointed out to me that Olio is also the word for oil in Italian. Poor Olio, it is your very namesake to pair better with wealth than water…



Costume Plates

The last strokes have been added onto our costume plates.

Please meet the spawn of Leah and Leona’s brainchild: Olio, and his foe turned friend, Puddle.


And Then There Were Two…

A massive project is about to commence.

Having met less than two months ago, Leah and Leona of Un Theatre Un Peu Fou are rolling up their sleeves, putting on their thinking caps, and preparing for a fabulous adventure. With the finishing touches put on the costume plates, grant applications in hand, and festivals around the corner, this duo is preparing for a spring of work and a summer of wanderings, envisioning, creating, and touring with their premier act: Olio and the Puddle. 

Stay tuned as the adventures unfold…